A meaningful cultural experience activity in Boao
日期:2023-12-07  来源:国际合作交流中心 

On December 6th, the School of International Education and Tourism organized a meaningful cultural experience activity for international students. The students successively walked into the permanent venue of the Boao Forum for Asia and the Cais Grand Courtyard , which is a combination of Chinese and Western styles with a strong Southeast Asian Style. Besides, they tasted the Gongdao Meal with Hainan characteristics. 

This experience activity provided an opportunity for international students to understand and experience Chinese culture. They said that this activity enhanced their interest and love for Chinese culture, especially their understanding of Hainan culture. They gained a lot of knowledge and happiness, making them like China more.

In the future, more cultural experience activities will be held to allow more international students to experience the profound heritage and unique charm of Chinese culture.