IECC NOTICE| Centennial promotional video
日期:2023-10-12  来源:国际合作交流中心 

Dear students, 

      Our college's centennial promotional video needs your cooperation to shoot some scenes. The following are the specific arrangements:

* October 15th:  At 8:00 am, all students need to gather in front of the Office Building to attend the opening ceremony of the promotional film.

At 8:30 am , all students will go to the second floor of the library to learn calligraphy and how to make tea.

Please wear traditional Chinese clothing provided to attend the activities.

 At 13:00, ten students need to participate in a mooncakes cooking activity at the cooking classroom. We will inform the participants personally. The participants need to wear the cooking uniforms provided.

* October 16th: At 8:20 am, all students need to gather at Room 609 of the Training Building. A school leader will introduce the history and achievements of our school to you. Please wear formal dress. 

Please arrive at the designated locations on time. Thank you for your cooperation.❤❤