International students gain hands-on experience of making mooncakes
日期:2023-09-28  来源: 国际合作交流中心 

In order to deepen the understanding of Chinese traditional culture among international students, the School of International Education & Tourism organized a mooncake-making experience activity for international students on September 28th. Through this activity, students were able to experience the atmosphere of Chinese traditional festivals and understand the customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The event was instructed by Mr. Fu Guangze, the head of the Cooking Teaching Team and a senior technician.

At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Fu gave a brief introduction to the customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival and explained in detail the raw materials, steps, and precautions for making mooncakes. After his demonstration, the international students started to make mooncakes in groups. They participated in mixing the dough, stuffing the filling, and pressing the molds, learning from each other and helping one another.

This activity enabled the international students to have a deeper understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival and traditional Chinese craftsmanship culture. They gained valuable life experience and cultural understanding while learning a new skill and experiencing the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

In addition to basic Chinese language courses, the School of International Education & Tourism has also arranged lectures and experiential activities related to Chinese culture for international students. These activities not only enrich their curriculum but also promote the dissemination of outstanding Chinese traditional culture.

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