2023 Friendly Reminder for International Students
日期:2023-09-01  来源:国际合作交流中心 

Dear International Freshmen of 2023:

We appreciate your choice of Hainan College of Software Technology(HNCST)! In order to facilitate your preparation before departure, the relevant notice is hereby released as follows:

1. Materials required for registration: 

A. Application Form for International Students
       B. Resume (including detailed education background and work experience)
       C. One copy of passport (the photo page)
       D. One copy of your final educational diploma
       E. One copy of your final transcript
       F. Recommendation letters from former teachers (at least two)
      G. One copy of Physical Examination Record(X1 VISA ONLY)

2. Insurance online payment instruction

(1)Scheme 1: PC-side payment

Login to the International students insurance (www.lxbx.net) → Enter the passport number and verification code → Select the premium and click Purchase → Select the payment method → Payment is completed, enter your valid email to receive the certificate.

(2) Scheme 2: Mobile terminal payment

Scan the QR Code below→ Enter passport number and verification code → Click "Buy Insurance" → Select Premium (Option 2, 800 RMB in one year and 400 RMB in six months) → Confirm the insurance period and receive the certificate via email.

Unichina International Insurance Brokers (Beijing) Co., Ltd     24 hours hotline: 400-810-5119;010-67185217;


WeChat account and QR code:


3. Pick-up service

Please send your flight information (airline, flight number, departure time, arrival time, etc.) to the following email address so as to arrange pick-up service


4. School Address:

中国海南省琼海市富海路128号 571400

No. 128 , Fuhai Road, Qionghai, Hainan Province 571400 , P.R. CHINA

For more information, please download Guideline for International Students of Hainan College of Software Technology.

Looking forward to meeting you in this beautiful autumn at HNCST!