Notice for the Freshmen
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Dear Student,

Welcome to Hainan College of Software Technology!

This short guide contains information you need to know in order to obtain your study visa and what to do once you arrive in China.

I.                    Visa Application

In order to study in China, you will need a student visa. There are now two types of student visa. The X2 visa is needed if you plan study in China for up to 180 days. Then X1 visa is required if you plan to study in China for over 180 days. 

You should apply for your student visa to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-general in your home country. (It may be possible to apply in a third country. Contact the embassy there to confirm.)

When you apply, take the following original documents and photocopies with you: Admission Letter, Visa Application for Study in China (JW202), and your valid passport. You should also take four passport-sized photos. There may be additional requirements at the discretion of the embassy. 

II.                  Arrival Time

The Fall semester usually begins mid-September, lasting until the middle of February. The Spring semester normally starts mid-March and ends late June. Plan to arrive in China two weeks before the semester begins. Contact the foreign affairs office for exact dates.

   It is possible to begin and end studies at different times to fit your schedule. Please negotiate with the school.

III.                How to get to our college from Haikou Meilan Airport

Our school is located 110 km south of Haikou in Qionghai(琼海) city.

1.       By taxi: about 200 RMB. (Takes about one hour.)

2.       By train: about 35 RMB. (Takes about 45 mins.) Rail station is located in the lower level of the domestic terminal. Trains run hourly.

3.       If you arrive by train from Guangzhou, there are regular trains from Haikou station to Qionghai.

      Please inform the foreign affairs office to arrange pick-up from Qionghai station.

IV.                Registration Procedure 

Day One

1.       Register in Office 1011 with Crystal.

  • Bring your Admission Letter, passport, four passport-size photos, and proof of international health insurance (can be purchased through school if needed);

  • Receive and sign for campus and dormitory regulations;

  • Receive textbooks and schedule;

  • Receive campus map and local map;

2.       Tuition and Accommodation Payment

  • Tuition must be fully paid in advance. Two months accommodations must be paid in advance. If not already paid by electronic transfer, give Crystal cash.

  •  In addition, please prepare to pay the following incidental expenses: 

dormitory deposit (500 RMB), physical examination (300 RMB), health insurance(1680 RMB/ year, prorated) and Residence Permit application fee (400 RMB/6 months, 800 RMB/ annual).

3.       Check into Dormitory

  •  Fill out the Room inventory

  • Sign for key

  • Make a list of immediate needs

4.       Register with local police

  • All international students must register with a valid passport within 24 hours of entry to China. If you stay in a hotel prior to arriving at school, the hotel will register you. (Please keep your hotel receipt.) If you stay with a friend, your friend must accompany you to the appropriate police station to register.

  • If you will be staying in the dormitory, then the foreign affairs office will register you while you unpack (about 1 hour). If you plan to live off-campus, you must provide a copy of the rental contract and your landlord’s ID card to the foreign affairs office.

5.       Campus Tour

  • Orientation tour with student guide;

  • Shopping for immediate needs;

  • Student guide may accompany you to school cafeteria.

Day Two

1.       Health Examination

  • No breakfast before the exam!

  • Physical exam at hospital 9:00--12:00

  • Note: If the result is medically unfit, your admission qualifications will be canceled. 

  • Note: Even if you have had the physical examination in your own country or in other cities of China, you have to re-take the physical examination according to the visa regulations of Hainan Exit and Entry Department.

2.       Begin classes

  • First class (tentative) 3:00-5:00

 Contact Information

International Cooperation & Exchange Office

Hainan College of Software Technology,

No. 128  Fuhai Road, Qionghai, Hainan Province 571400



中国海南省琼海市富海路128号 571400

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