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College Hosts China-Russia Performance Night to Boost Cultural Understanding and Exchange
Category:NewsFrom:IECC Author:Bin Hui Date:2016-03-05 15:18:47Browse times:

​China-Russia Performance Night was held on March 4th in the Arts Building.  This was the first time that our college has hosted such an event and the whole campus was filled with excitement and festivity.  It drew many attendees including college leaders, department heads, teachers, students and even Qionghai TV. The performances gave teachers and students from both countries a platform to communicate and understand each other through song, dance, music and poetry recital. 

Professor Maria Druzhinina from Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russia, expressed her impression of her visit by saying “We come here to learn Chinese language and culture. The teachers here are very professional and the city of Qionghai is very beautiful. We are enjoying our time here.”  “We are taking advantage of international cooperation and exchange,” said Professor Shang, Dean of Faculty of Foreign Language and Tourism, “to send teachers to work and study abroad, and at the same time invite teachers and students from other countries to teach and study here, to bring in high quality teaching resources and improve our teachers’ academic level.”

Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russia, is located in the city of Arkhangelsk. It is a public university founded in 2010. Our college has maintained an exchange program with them since 2013.