Programs for International Students in 2023
日期:2023-03-16  来源:国际合作交流中心 

Currently the college provides Chinese Language & Culture non-degree one year program.

Classes are formed according to the level of Chinese language (elementary, intermediate, advanced). Moreover, each student can choose elective courses according to their interests, such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Culinary Skills, Tourism Management, Tourism Route Design, etc. 

HNCST doesn’t have any specific requirements about student’s background or major, we hope the studies will help students in their future and bring unforgettable experience.

  •       Eligibility

1)      Be a foreign passport holder in good physical and mental condition

2)      Be under the age of 25

3)      Be a high school graduate or bachelor’s/master’s/PhD degree holder

4)      Have a good academic performance and conduct

5)      Have a strong willing to study Chinese language and culture

  •      Accommodation

Two students share one room in the new built dormitory. Each room has private bathroom, AC, washing machine, internet, balcony with amazing view on the city. All rooms are located on the top 11th floor of the dormitory. There are two kitchens in the female dormitory fully equipped with fridges, stoves, ovens and all the necessary kitchen appliances and utensils.

  •      Admission Documents

To apply for studies in HNCST the applicant needs to provide the following documents:

1)      Passport photo page (copy)

2)      Digital passport photo

3)      HNCST Foreign student application form

4)      HNCST International student resume

5)      Highest education diploma or certificate of studies (copy)

6)      Academic transcript records

7)      Foreigner physical examination form

All documents need to be filled truthfully in English. Documents in other languages need to be translated to English.

  •      Scholarships (only for one-year students)

Currently HNCST provides two scholarships:

1.      Hainan Provincial Government Scholarship

In addition to the admission documents mentioned above the applicant needs to provide the following documents:

1)      Hainan Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form

2)      Two recommendation letters (in English or Chinese)

Deadline is May 10th, 2023.

2.      HNCST Scholarship

   In addition to the admission documents mentioned above the applicant needs to provide the following documents:

1)      One recommendation letter (in English or Chinese)

Deadline is May 31st, 2023.

Please keep in mind, that in all cases insurance, health check and residence permit fees are paid by the student.

  •      Admission

1)      Applicant truthfully fills in the documents and sends them by email before the deadline.

2)      Within two weeks we notify the applicant about his enrollment status.

3)      After all the procedure is done and documents are ready, they are posted by mail to the applicant. Normally it takes about a month to get them ready.

4)      Applicant applies for a visa.

5)      Student arrives to the school.

  •       Campus life

Throughout the studies in HNCST foreign students can enjoy learning Chinese language and culture enjoying tropical weather of Hainan. We have a plenty of students’ communities (drawing, dancing, calligraphy, basketball, guitar, etc.), where student can improve in what he’s interested in along with learning the language. HNCST is always ready to support any initiatives of students and provides a lot of platforms for self-realization.

Life in Qionghai is not expensive. The school has two canteens where you can enjoy any type of food for just 10-15 RMB. Transportation is very convenient. You can take high-speed railway and get to Haikou or Sanya for less than an hour.

  •       Contact us:

Email address:

Come and join us!

HNCST is waiting for you!

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