Our school holds the 2022 Teacher Commendation Conference
日期:2022-09-23  来源: 国际合作交流中心 

On the morning of September 20th, our school held the 2022 Teacher Commendation Conference in the Art Building. The conference honored outstanding teachers and educators of the year, the most beautiful volunteers for epidemic prevention and control, and teachers who have been teaching for 30 years.

On behalf of the school, Zhan Shaobin, Secretary of the Party committee, delivered a speech extending warm congratulations to the faculty who received the commendations, , heartfelt thanks to retired faculty, and warm welcome and high respect to all the anti-epidemic volunteers who returned safely.

At the conference, all the attendees collectively reviewed the teacher's oath, and expressed the determination and confidence of striving to be the people's teacher in the new era with a strong and passionate voice.