Guideline takes aim at telecom fraud
日期:2022-06-17  来源:chinadaily 

Document calls on authorities to ramp up crackdown on pervasive crime

China has recently issued a new guideline on cracking down on telecom fraud, with the aim of curbing crime and improving comprehensive social governance.

The general offices of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, China's Cabinet, jointly issued the guideline in April.

It called on authorities to uphold the people-centered approach, curb the high incidence of telecom fraud and improve the level of social governance to secure the sense of gain, happiness and security.

Telecom fraud in China has become a serious issue in recent years. It is the most widespread the fastest rising crime with the broadest coverage and the largest number of public complaints. In response, authorities have made significant achievements in curbing the offense, said an official with the interministerial liaison conference office on fighting telecom fraud under the State Council.

The crackdown and governance of telecom fraud crimes is a complex social issue. Currently, fraudsters are taking advantage of sectors such as finance, telecommunications and the internet to commit crime, so comprehensive governance needs to be enhanced in these areas, the official said.

"It is imperative for the central government to create a system to combat these crimes based on the successful crackdown in recent years," the official said.

The document called on authorities to severely punish fraudsters and form a joint force to combat the crime.