Chinese Culinary Arts (one semester or two semesters)
日期:2022-04-08  来源: 国际合作交流中心 

This course introduces Chinese dishes and related cultural knowledge. Its main objective is to cultivate culinary professionals. It offers both theoretical courses and practical training. The course allows students to learn professional knowledge and learn the skills from experienced Chefs. The professional skills are mastered through hands-on trainings in our campus’ cooking lab and through weekly sessions at a local hospitality establishment.

   In the first semester you will learn some basic skills and techniques of Chinese cooking, and some simple Chinese dishes; The second semester will be built on the skills gained previously and will prepare you to work as a cook or chef at a Chinese restaurant in your home country.

Compulsory Courses offered

     You will attend 9 classes for a total of 18 hours per week. The compulsory courses include Chinese Culinary Arts, Famous Chinese Dish Making, Chinese Pastry Making, Food Sculpture and Cold Dish, Food Treatment Science, Chinese Tea Arts, Banquet and Menu Design, etc.