Two Exemplary Cases of Our College Were Selected into the Annual Quality Report
日期:2022-04-02  来源: 

The Annual Quality Report of China Vocational Education 2021, compiled by China Institute of Education Sciences and the National Joint Conference of Presidents of Vocational Colleges and Universities, has been officially released by Higher Education Press.  There were four exemplary cases of Hainan higher vocational colleges included in the Report, two of which were from our college.

In Higher Vocational Education Part, the report presents the development of China's higher vocational education in 2020 from five quality dimensions: service contribution, student development, education and teaching, government responsibility and international cooperation.  One case of our college was selected as a special case in the "Service Contribution" section. The other one was selected as a main case in the "International Cooperation" section. 

     It fully demonstrates the remarkable achievements of our college in promoting school-enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and education, provision of community services and international cooperation and exchange.