Graduation Ceremony for International Students 2020 was Held
日期:2020-07-06  来源: 

    The graduation ceremony for international students 2020 was held on July 1st,2020.All the international students have been gathering together to celebrate the commencement.Li Mingzhu, the director of IECC(International Exchange & Cooperation Center), Chen Yeen, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Branch and other teachers were present in the ceremony.

    On the commencement,Alex presented the precious moments of 2020 international students in a slide show,highlighting the courage the students showed and care & love the teaching staff gave during the covid-19 peak period. The video clips the international students filmed have pulled the commencement to a climax. Gusenkov Ilya, a student representative, gave a graduation speech in Chinese, He summarized his study life in HNCST, expressed his gratitude toward the head and teachers in IECC and cherished the friendship among his fellow students.The teachers expressed their love and best wishes to them. Chen Yeen also expressed his best wishes to the students.

    Li Mingzhu, the director of IECC gave a speech. She said she was moved by the videos. She appreciated the students’ hardworking and cooperation the students showed in the programme. She congratulated them on their graduation.  She wished the students would take advantage of what they learned and contributed to the China-Russia exchange and communication.At last she wished them a bright future and a happy life.

    In the end the diplomas were presented to the students by Li Mingzhu and Chen Yeen and a snapshot recorded the happy moment forever.