International Education and Tourism School Holds Opening Ceremony for International Students of 201
日期:2019-09-15  来源: 

The opening ceremony for international students of 2019 school year was held on September 11. IECC Director, administrative staff, Chinese teachers and 35 international students from four foreign countries along the “One Belt and One Road” including Russia, Belarus,Thailand and Lithuania attended the event. The ceremony was hosted by Alex.

During the ceremony, international students and Chinese teachers gave a brief introduction about themselves one by one. Many of the international students said that they believe Chinese is going to be a widely used international language in the future. They expressed their gratitude for this learning opportunity and determination to learn Chinese well to promote the friendship between China and their own countries. Chinese teachers introduced the subjects they teach and expressed their best wishes to international students.

After that, IECC director Shang Zhiqiang gave a welcoming speech.He conveyed the cordial greetings from our college leaders to all the international students, and welcomed them on behalf of our institution.He then gave a brief introduction of our college’s history, our educational concept for international students, our achievements and influence and the setting of courses. At the end, he expressed his expectation and best wishes to them. He ended his speeches by saying “HNCST adheres to the concept of ‘warm welcome and high standard’ for international education”.

At the end of the ceremony, the attendees took a group photo together in front of the Dream Square in HNCST to record this beautiful moment.

After the opening ceremony, the administrative staff and the head teachers explained our school’s management rules, the application of scholarship, attendance management and dormitory rules to international students and asked them to study these rules and follow them accordingly. According to the information provided by the IECC, all the 35 register international students are undergraduate students.