HNCST Holds Closing Ceremony for International Students of Year 2018
日期:2019-07-09  来源:IECC 

On the morning of June 25, the closing ceremony for international students was held in the conference room on the first floor of the Comprehensive Building.

Many people attended the ceremony, including Wei Yingbin, HNCST President, Shang Zhiqiang, Director of IECC, Guo Yuanjie, President of the Qionghai Tourism Association, parent representative coming from Moscow, Russia, teachers of Chinese language teaching and related staff.

Mr. Wei Yingbin delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. He congratulated international students on the successful completion of the one-year study of Chinese and thanked all the related Chinese teachers for their hard work and efforts. Mr. Wei has put forward two expectations for the graduating international students: first, to continue Chinese learning and to take good advantage of the learning experience in our college as a starting point; second, to continue to contribute to the friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries and become friendly messengers of Chinese culture.

Mr. Shang Zhiqiang also made a speech to the graduating international students. He fondly recalled the learning and living scenes of international students in our school during the past year and the deep friendship between teachers and students. He expressed his best wishes to the international students who were about to return home and hoped that they would often come back to HNCST, their Alma Mater in China.

HUYNH NGOC PHUONG from Vietnam, TULCHINSKAYA ANASTASIA and NESTEROVA OLGA from Russia spoke at the ceremony as student representatives. They said it was their great honor to study in our college and they thanked the teachers for their devotion to teaching and strict requirements. They expressed their love of Qionghai city, of Hainan province and of China. They promised that they would continue Chinese learning and they hoped that their efforts would contribute to the friendship between China and their own countries. 

Finally, Mr. Wei and Mr. Shang issued a certificate of completion to the graduating international students.

After the ceremony, a group photo was taken in front of the Comprehensive Building to commemorate this unforgetable moment.