Pearson Vice President Adrian Godfrey Visits Our College for Partnership and Cooperation
日期:2019-04-03  来源:IECC 

​On March 28, Adrian Godfrey, Pearson’s Vice President on global strategic partnership and investment and Gao Jinxuan, Pearson’s Director on strategic cooperation and investment in emerging markets visited our college for exchange and cooperation, accompanied by staff from the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Hainan Education Department.

They visited our international students in the classroom and the training rooms of our college’s Digital Design Department under the accompaniment of Shang Zhiqiang, IECC Director and Zhang Keliang, Vice Director of Digital Design Department. Mr. Adrian Godfrey talked with our college’s international students cordially and answered their questions patiently. At last, he expressed his best wish to them. When he came to the training rooms of our Digital Design Department, he marveled at the facilities, techniques and students works he saw and he expressed his confidence about the cooperation with us. 

Later, our college’s President Wei Yingbin met them in the meeting room. At the meeting, Mr. Wei welcomed them on behalf of our college. He then gave a brief introduction of our college to them and expressed our willingness to cooperate with Pearson Education Group. After Adrian Godfrey introduced the Pearson Education Group, the two sides discussed cooperation opportunities in the area of international vocational education standards and the probable cooperation model with the University of Pearson. At the end of the meeting, participants from both sides took a photo in front of the Complex Building.

Pearson Group ( is the world's number one education group. It is an international listed company with its headquarters in London, England. With more than 175 years of history, the group is committed to providing educators and students of all ages with quality educational content, educational information technologies, testing and evaluation, career certification, and other education-related services. Pearson Group has many famous educational brands in various disciplines, including Longman, New Concept English, International Vocational Education Standard System BTEC, and International English Test PTE and so on.