IECC Celebrates Chinese New Year
日期:2019-03-12  来源:IECC 

​​​Lunar New Year in China is traditionally a time to be spent with family and close friends.  Customs during the festival all revolve around family; making jiaozi, clearing out the clutter, exchanging red envelopes, and of course attending the family reunion dinner.

But what about our foreign guests?  What’s it like to be “a stranger in a strange land” during the world’s largest human migration?  What do they do when the shops are all closed and the streets are deserted?  Surely it can be a lonely time in Hainan when all your Chinese friends, classmates and colleagues are busy with their families.

This year we were not forgotten!  On February 3rd, the International Exchange& Cooperation Centerinvited international students and foreign teachers to Jinlong Restaurant to celebrate the new year together.  For one evening we were a family, coming together to celebrate the new year with an impressive dinner party and traditional gifts.  

Thanks to IECC Director Shang Zhiqiang and Coordinator Yang Jing for a wonderful evening. (Michael Mann from HNCST)