Cultural-historical Excursion Around Qionghai
日期:2019-02-28  来源:IECC 

​​On January 3rd, the International Exchange and Cooperation Center (IECC) invited foreign students and teachers on a one-day excursion around Qionghai, offering them the chance to see first-hand how the central government and local governments are striving to develop Hainan Province into an international tourism destination.

The foreign students and teachers were taken by coach to several nearby destinations to experience how Hainan is building new tourism infrastructure while incorporating elements of the local traditions and history.  Enlightening narrative to provide context during the tour was supplied by several of our own Tourism English majors.

Our first stop was Tanmen Town, a sleepy fishing port a few years ago, but now rapidly growing due to its proximity to the permanent site of BoAo Forum for Asia.  We first went to the South China Sea Museum to learn about Hainans role in the maritime history of the South China Sea.  Displays and artifacts explained the significance of Hainan in terms of fishing and commerce going back thousands of years.

The main streets and waterfront have been fully renovated.  Buildings with maritime facades contain shops selling a myriad of locally-produced products. There are also many small restaurants specializing in the local cuisine which features fresh seafood brought in daily by the fishing fleet based in Tanmen.

After a delicious lunch the foreign students and teachers continued our journey to Shamei Village.  Here they witnessed a unique project to bring the benefits of tourism to rural areas.  In recent years the local governments initiated the “Beautiful Countryside Project.”  Under this initiative, funds are provided to under-developed rural villages to upgrade infrastructure, and residents are paid to assist in beautifying their villages by participating in agricultural activities.  They work in traditional roles, as well as in tourism, management and local governance.  Benefits include increased employment opportunities, maintenance of population levels in rural areas, and more diverse tourist attractions.

A short walk through the coastal village of Shamei offered the chance to view renovated traditional architecture and a newly-constructed promenade along the Sanjiang River and Shamei Wetland Park, before our return to Qionghai City.